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Our tenant management service is often requested as a follow on from our property lettings. Through this service we ensure that the tenant in your property is well looked after in terms of any required property maintenance, lease queries or issues they may have in regards to the property in general. 

With frequent check-ins and communication with the tenant, we can ensure peace of mind for the landlord that the property is being well managed and maintained. We can provide both condition/maintenance reports and financial updates to the landlord as frequently as required. Then when the lease is nearing it's end, we can renegotiate a new term with the existing tenant or prepare the property to be put back on the market to be re-let. 


Rent Collection

We will ensure the tenant pays their rent as scheduled per the lease and hold all funds in a dedicated client account

Property Maintenance

With an extensive directory of trusted contractors, we can ensure best price on all maintenance requirements for the property


Routine property inspections will be completed and proactive maintenance schedules established to reduce emergency maintenance 

Lease Renewals

Prior to lease end we will negotiate a lease renewal or prepare the property to be re-let, ensuring there is minimal vacancy period.

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