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Each of our estates/blocks has a dedicated property manager assigned to look after all aspects of running the management company. Our aim is to ensure your property is safe, secure and maintained to an extremely high standard. Our goal is to ensure that the estate/block is something to be proud of and a place where members are happy to be.

As property managing agents, we take full control of the OMC account, monitor and manage cash flow, expenses and full service charge collection. All works are pre-approved by OMC Directors, with competitive quotes obtained for all required works.


We offer all our estate / block property management companies a complete property management service, ensuring the day to day operations of the estate are carried out in a timely and effective manner. Our open communication and complete transparency instills trust and improves cooperation with all the members in the estate.
  • Weekly on site inspections

  • Service charge budget preparation and collection.

  • Service charge payment plans for affordability.

  • Organisation of block insurance policy.

  • Planned preventative and reactive maintenance.

  • Competitive contractor procurement and management, with a proven list of providers.

  • Sinking fund calculation and administration

  • Implementation of House Rules. 

  • Management and communication with all estate members/occupiers.

  • Ensuring full health and safety compliance and auditing, including fire safety.

  • Regular Director meetings to discuss progress and projects.

  • Estate/block enhancement and improvement projects


The condition and appearance of the common areas have been improved beyond recognition. The security is given great attention and there is an instant response to any issues that arise. I can honestly say that in my long experience of industrial estates in Dublin, we now have the best and most efficiently managed business park.


Since we brought SBPS on board, their team have performed beyond our expectations, meeting all of Directors objectives.. We have the utmost confidence in SBPS, their skill-set, abilities and capabilities


They have considerably improved our aged debtors’ figures, brought our accounts up to date, addressed the many shortcomings in our maintenance schedule and quickly became our trusted partners in the running of our Development.


Our fee structure promotes complete transparency in that we only charge one fee, which is detailed in the service charge budget. Unlike other property managing agents, we do not include charges for stationary, 24 hour contact, secretarial services, transport costs or any other administerial costs on top of our agreed managing agent fee. The fee we quote is the only funds we collect. We also ensure we are the last creditor to be paid each month, putting the management company ahead of our own interests.

It is important to note that we do not do long-term contracts, we work off only 1 months’ notice. Basically, if you are unhappy with us, for whatever reason, we will be gone with 4 weeks’ notice – in saying that, we have never lost a client after 15 years in business.

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